November 11, 2015

Project Tools – Trello

By mary

One of the fascinating things about this project is that we've been able to leverage a whole new set of tools within our project team. Tools like Outlook, Excel, Word, MS Project are considered enterprise and therefore old and outdated.  Instead our colleagues from San Francisco and New York are leveraging new and flexible tools.  These tools increase the ability for teams to track collaborative work and communicate quickly.  They promote working flexibly -- both the work itself and the worker's location.

Trello is one of the most flexible organization tools I've ever used.  It's so flexible that I am constantly thinking of new ways to leverage it -- both personally and professionally.


Trello is organized as Boards (which I associate as projects), Lists, and Cards (which are separate items on each List).  Our MCOLi project has one Board.  You can see examples of our lists in the image here.  It's fabulous to see everything in one place.  Our to-do, in progress and shipped (finished) lists are especially important.  Anyone on the team can add items and assign them to people on the project.  Cards can be ordered by our product manager which shows the priority of things needing to get done.  Notice that some of the items on lists start to grey out as they don't get touched.
Screen-Shot-2015-10-21-at-3.05.27-PM-1024x949Each card allows you to assign team members, create checklists, set due dates, upload files.  If you assign due dates, you can also see every card on every list via a calendar view.

Think about how many times you're collaborating on a project with others.  Lots of things to do, accountability, communication, shared files.  Trello is a terrific way and has really served us well.

See a tour from their product website.

Anyone ever tried it?

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